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Business Talk with Mache Stavridou-Dapi

Every era has its own aesthetic quality. Just as every industry has its own structure and challenges. For one to build a hotel complex, like any other brand with a strong “DNA” and character which constitues an authentic experience for the consumer, flexibility and comforts adapted to serve the customer are required. It is no surprise, after all, that every innovation incorporated in a hotel contributes to the evolution of the project itself. And that is the challenge. Particularly, in Greece of 2018 where the term ‘innovation’ is often misunderstood.

Mache Stavridou-Dapi is a bright example of a businesswoman who has overseen the decoration and equiping of interior spaces with a unique profile for the past two decades, armed with the experience of the M&M house which has broken new ground in interior design. We approached her for what she does best, namely, focusing on individual customers, companies and even hospitality facilities such as hotels to provide a wide variety of services each uniquely suited to each customer’s needs and desires. Such endeavors include hotel projects and amenities as well as debut management and art direction in association with leading companies in the field.

For in-house projects she takes up a supporting role, while in other occasions she undertakes full-package projects as well. Her goal in recent years has been to invest heavily in equipping hotel units in partnership with some big names in the field of design such as  Zealots of Nature by Coco-Mat, Spick and Span, Flamant,Εichholtz,Lampe Berger, Paola Navone by Reisenbach and the more recent partnership with Zaha Hadid Design Collection.

New Age Luxury

We live in an era in which mini bars and basic room service are considered a thing of the past and do not meet today’s standards. Hotels are called to provide a unique experience and services to guests and that is what Mache endeavors to provide as well. The new quintessential luxury service standards require high end aesthetic reflected in every piece of equipment from bedding, materials, furniture and cosmetics to viable sustainability and art de table. It is no wonder therefore that trends in decoration begin from hotels and then spread to the wider market. The time when boutique hotels monopolized the interest of design lovers has long since passed. Now, design is an important criterion for one’s destination of choice.

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