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A long, long time ago, before man walked the earth, the bright sun decided to bless all living creatures with its life-bearing gifts. Every day he would offer its light and warmth to the forest trees, the singing birds, misty rivers and deep seas. It gave companionship to the mighty cactus, standing alone and proud, amidst the wild plains and rocky mountains, for days and years and eons. Every natural material bathed in rain water and kissed by the sun, accumulates its everlasting energy. The longer they stand under its watch, the more they brim with sunshine. By using natural materials for our beds and mattresses, we harness all this energy and kindly offer it to you.



Equip your hotel’s rooms with Zealots of Nature, a special line of all natural personal care and beauty treatment products. Raw materials such as extra virgin Greek olive oil, organic herbs, plant extracts and essences, locally sourced and as close as possible to age-old combinations & recipes, are the ingredients of our products.



At Spick and Span we offer you something more than a simple collaboration: As exclusive partners of COCO-MAT, we undertake the renewal of all the linen equipment of your hotel, but also the daily care and integrated management of the clothing.